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The Destructors Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Revenge Can Lead to Many Unwanted Things
Many authors produce works of art that will generate lots of money and entertain their audience, while other authors produce work that will inform their audience about things going on around the world both physically and morally. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene is a short story that illustrates how power and domination play a huge role in society. Throughout the story society’s effect on the youth and loss of innocence is also revealed. This story is a type of drama set some time after the world war and takes place in London in which a gang of youths (the Wormsley Common Gang) express their anger and fury against the middle class of society at that time. Trevor or T has become the gang’s new leader brining Blackie down from the position when he develops a superior plan for the gang’s mischievous acts. They wanted to destroy Mr. Thomas’ or “Old Misery” house, which was the last house standing on a bombed out street.   This story would be classified more as a literary fiction story than it would be commercial even though it carries elements of both, because of its flawed characters, enlightened theme about society and its unresolved ending.
Within this story the characters have the plan to destroy “Old Misery’s” house under any circumstance. The group of gang members are all teens and are in a stage in which their innocence is left behind, but in this story this so called innocence has already vanished and has been replaced with rebelliousness and selfishness. These kids are quite cynical. As T comes up with the vicious plan to destroy the last remaining house he has officially became the new leader of the group. Trevor or T is the one in charge as of now, but before holding higher rank he was a member who didn’t really say much. As he held the leadership position he started to change the type of activities the gang did and it seemed like he held remorse against a lot of things due to the fact that his family had lost...

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