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The Day I Died Essay

  • Submitted by: heygirl19
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "The Day I Died" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

  In module 1A: Learning Objectives and Pacing Guide we learned the basics of Psychology and the uses we use it for. As in 1A Assignment: Outrageous Celebrity we showed our knowledge of the perspectives that we learned that include, sociocultural, biological,   psychodynamic, behavioral and the cognitive perspective, by analyzing an outrageous celebrity's behavior and stating how each perspectives plays a role in the situation. In 1A lesson 3 Assignment Ethics we did several activities to develop an understanding of the APA guidelines for the ethical research, then after that we were given Ethics scenarios provided and had to be determined if they are ethical based on the standards set forth by the APA.  
  In   module 1B: Research Methods and Evaluation we learned the importance of statistics in psychology and examined different statistics, psychology perspectives, research methods and ethics, and the different types of psychologists in the field.   In 1B.1 Assignment 1- Experimental Method Activity we were given two scenarios in which we had to identify specific components for each scenario. These components include independent variable, dependent variable, control group, experimental group and hypothesis.   In 1B: Lesson 21 Assignment 1 was a task given to show our knowledge on the concepts of Naturalistic Observation and Case study. With each, we had to define the meaning of the word and answer questions pertaining to that subject.
  In module 2A: Neurobiology we learned how the body communicates internally. We learned about neurons, the central nervous system, the brain, hormones and sensations. In 2A: Assignment 2 was a concept that used a real world situation that mad you analyze the way in which the people involved behave according to the biological perspective.   In 2A Lesson 2 Practice Assignment was a concept that was used to practice to see if you knew how the brain worked. The assignment required you to explain you used certain brain...

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