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The Club Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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David Williamson’s play The Club is the epitome of the Australian nature of sport. In the 1970s, Australian sport was going through a revolution in which saw the birth of professional athletes. During these changes many clubs were achieving more power as more money was being exchanged for player buying and swapping.
The Club uses the conventions of Realism effectively as evident in the use of vernacular, three dimensional characters and universal themes. The use of Realism makes the characters in the play much more believable, it makes them and the actions in which they are involved in much more meaningful to the audience.
The themes presented in The Club are not specific to Australian sport but are seen as universally experienced. The themes power and male superiority are seen frequently throughout the course of the play.
The Club is an expose of the use of power within an institution. Football is incidental in the exploration of the characters motivations for power. An example of this is in Laurie’s “I’m going to fight this Geryl”, when Laurie realises Gerry has deceived him and conducted his dismissal.   This demonstrates that Laurie will not allow Gerry to rob him of his power and that he is willing to fight for it.
Laurie also gets power when he and Geoff reconcile their differences and when jock realises that he was manipulated by Geoff’s bizarre secret in “My mother and I became lovers”, which happens to be not true at all.
Another theme presented in The Club is male superiority. David Williamson does not include any significant female characters in the play emphasising that Australian sports in the 1970s were aimed directly at males. The female characters are placed in inferior interactions and occupation such as strippers, disabled sister and victim of domestic violence in “and then I thumped her one”, irony is used in this scene because earlier in the play Jock claimed that he does not hit women.
As a result, The Club is a microcosm of society. The...

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