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The Book Thief Essay

  • Submitted by: Cheer0123
  • on August 29, 2013
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The Book Thief Essay

      My summer reading essay is on The Book Thief. I decided to write about this book because it was moving and well written. I think the theme is about death, dying ,friendship, and guilt. Liesels brother dies before she meets her new foster family the Hubermann's. Her best friend Rudy dies , Max is dying,Leisel is stealing books and the books themselves bring her further into the world that is full of death and dying.The setting is back in World War 2, when Hitler was brainwashing the German into thinking the Jews caused all of there problems and killing them is the only way to fix them. It took place in a fictitious town of Molching on Himmel St.
    The style is post-mordem I think, not in telling but in writing. The story is conventional, but the authors repetitive references to books, the nature of books , and the power of the words can either doom us or set us free.He repeatedly brings my attention to the magnitude of the power our words and actions have. It also makes us think of the nature of reading and writing. The story we are involved in is a literary construction, from the hand written books to the visual sketches, the references to definitions of words, the irony of the stolen books, Leisels development from illiteracy to literacy which parrelels her emotional, social, and moral growth that just captures you in an icy embrace and keeps you reading till the e
          The main symbol in The Book Thief is Death. Death is everywhere in the book. Death is the narrator of the entire book. On Leisels trip down to the hubermanns her brother dies and is taken away by death. About mid-way through the book Michael Holtzapelf, Frau Holtzpelth son , hangs himself. Near the end of the book everyone Leisel knows dies except for Alex Steiner and Frau Hermann. In addition to all the direct mentions of death , Death himself has two death's diaries, in which he explains a place and time that was filled with death. This book I...

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