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The Big Snooze Essay

  • Submitted by: cgagnon25
  • on March 17, 2012
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The Big Snooze
    Sleep is one important aspect of every individual needs for a healthy life. There are many unhealthy risks if individuals do not get at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Now days many people are sleep deprived from a fast pace work life and family life. Too much of anything in our lifestyle is not healthy either.
    Sleep is no different from exercise or dieting. It is healthy to maintain exercise or dieting in your lifestyle to stay healthier. For example, eating 10% more calories a day can increase our weight gain, like 15 pounds or more in one year. Second, sleeping 10% less may cause weight gain in women that get five or less hours of sleep. In fact, one-third of women are more than likely to gain 33 pounds over the next 16 years compared to women that are sleeping seven to eight hours a night. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the harm it does the body.
    There is a cycle that the body goes through which is the five sleep stages four or five times a night. The four stages include maintaining a healthy metabolism, the learning process, memory and rapid eye movement sleep. Rapid eye movement, is recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs and a state of rapidly shifting eye movements during sleep. In fact, if we miss one or two cycles then our immune system, heart health and our brain does not function properly.

    More than eight hours of sleep can be just as bad as not getting enough sleep. For example, sleeping too much can affect blood sugar levels for people that have diabetes. Sleeping more than nine hours can increase the risk of death, because our health disorders that cause low energy is a factor. Lack of sleep, fewer than seven hours a night can cause individuals to catch a cold or infection, because sleep helps control the human body to infection. Last, sleeping six hours or less for about two weeks can be dangerous, because our memory becomes impaired and our reasoning is not that great. In...

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