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The Beatles Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The Beatles
Four young men once came together to form a rock band that changed the world forever. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr came from Liverpool, England around 1950. These talented men created more than music, they developed a different way of life. Today, The Beatles may not be together, but the influence they had on popular culture still remains and continues to grow.
Before the Beatles, the boys were for the most part strangers all looking for a music career. At age 17, John Lennon and his first band, The Black Jacks formed. Soon after they started out they changed their name to The Quarry Men. The band played skiffle music, which is a mix of jazz, blues, county and roots. In 1957, a member of the band introduced John to Paul, who later joined the band in October that year. Once Paul joined The Quarry Men, he persuaded Lennon to let George join too (White). The band of Lennon, Griffiths, Hanton, Davis, Shotton, Garry, McCartney, and Harrison later turned into a trio. John, Paul, and George continued to perform briefly until George joined a group called The Less Stewart Quartet. When that group fell apart, the trio reunited and preformed as Johnny and The Moondogs at a talent show in November 1959 (Womack 23). They later changed the name to the Silver Beetles, where they went on a nine-day Scottish tour. Shortly after that, the group changed their name again to The Beat Brothers. Finally, they settled on The Beatles, where Pete Best joins the band.
The Beatles were becoming more popular. They were performing at clubs almost every week. On November 9th, 1961 The Beatles performed at the Cavern Club where Brian
Rosenberg 2
Epstein, a music columnist and record storeowner took interest in them. The Beatles appointed Brain Epstein as their manager. The Beatles went to EMI Studios to audition for producer George Martin (Womack xix). He saw talent and potential in The Beatles with the exception of Pete Best, who was quickly...

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