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The Arts Essay

  • Submitted by: jkbuttler
  • on March 18, 2012
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In 2002, Mark Dion painted the Biologische Forschungsstation Alster in Hamburg, Germany.   The name of the painting means biological field or research station and was created when Dion was in Germany visiting this wooden hut with a water ecology research station in it.   The art work is printed on silkscreen and supported by the wall it hangs on.   The subject matter is considered to be daily life due to the fact that the painting depicts a barge with a fish and a broken bottle at the bottom of the water.   The title of the work helps interpret what is seen because the boat is looking down on what is in the water, a mix between sea life and pollution.
In the formal elements of the work, line is employed with multiple uses.   Horizontal, vertical, and curved lines are used to create the shapes of the barge, fish, water, and bottle.   The lines are used to create and represent actual life and its objects.   They are consistent with the traditional laws of perspective in that none of the lines seem to fragment the work and the objects are clearly what they seem.   The artwork is in somewhat of a U-shaped format with much of the space taken up.   The barge fills most of the top portion and water sitting below is filled with the fish, which is extremely large in proportion to the barge, and the broken bottle.   There is not much empty space for the viewer to see therefore it is easier to concentrate on the entire work.   The function of light and dark play a role with the shade of blue used for the water.   It is a darker blue which creates a tonal contrast with the white background that is also the sky above the barge.   Dion also chooses not to color the fish, wave, or bottle to develop a contrast, to stand out against the dark blue water.   There are only two of the primary colors present in the art work, red and blue, which is very simple and to the point.   Dion doesn’t use any abstract colors for the water or the boat so that it depicts real life.   The choice not to color the...

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