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The Amphibios Patriot Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Matt Shaffer

The Amphibious Patriot  
Imagine a suit of armor that would fly, using jets mounted to the leg; controlled using a heads up display and your voice.   Its armor stronger then titanium. With more firepower than an F16. One of its flaws, is the lack of power, it would take more power to use than could be stored.   If the power problem was overcome than you would have the strongest, fastest, and most powerful piece of equipment ever created.
The jets on the boots are mounted to the back of the calf. The thrust is made by a compact turbine.   The suit would be able to fly past the speed of sound. Faster than any military aircraft. Also be able to carry the weight of a two ton car and one pilot.   The suit also has stabilizers mounted on the shoulders and the chest. These will keep the pilot from flipping around and falling. The boots also would have shock absorbers built in.
The helmet would have a screen that would show ammo count, weather, power, cell phone, GPS, speed, and target detector. The front of the helmet would light up so the pilot could see normally. The helmet would control the wrist mounted 9mm machine-gun, the shoulder mounted rockets, a wrist mounted high intensity laser, and a shoulder mounted 7.62 minigun. It would be powered by a generator the size of a mason jar, mounted to the chest. The suit should come apart at the sides so the pilot can enter and exit.
The armor would be made of adamantium, painted blue and silver, with kevlar lining the inside. Also it would have a foam padding to make it more comfortable. It would also protect the pilot if he hits something. The suit is also waterproof with a stored oxygen tank.   It would also have a magnetic repulser that would slow down any incoming fire.
This suit would change war forever; less soldiers would be killed and more people would be saved. It would be extremely expensive to produce, but worth it.   It is intended for peace but in the wrong hands could be used as a weapon...

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