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The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream
I am sure everyone has heard of the “Occupy Wallstreet”, or “99%”, movement.   Whether you have seen it on television, heard it on the radio, or read about it in headlines, it is a nationwide phenomenon.   Over and over, I have heard people talk about how lazy these people must be, to want a hand-out from the government.   There have even been people that want them removed from the public places they are occupying, to shut them up.   What no one seems to want to do is listen to them, to find out WHY it is they are protesting, or what it is they are seeking.   Well, I can tell you; I am one of the 99%, and we want back the American Dream.
Growing up, we were always told that a good work ethic, high morals standards, and an education were the key to realizing our dreams.   Set high goals and work hard toward them, and you’ll get everything you deserve in life.   In the past 20 years, we have seen this turned into a complete lie.   We’ve seen regulations thrown out, corruption and greed threaten to upend the economy of the entire world, and the people behind it suffer not at all.   Instead they get record bonuses, while their companies collapse and the unemployment rate skyrockets.   Unions have been vilified for trying to protect their workers from the companies who are trying to exploit them.   Politicians are taking bribes to turn their backs on all of it, or worse to change the laws in favor of the corrupt.  
We are on the brink of complete financial ruin, not just in this country, but world-wide.   The economies of all of Europe and parts of Asia are linked to ours.   Yet we continue to let Capital Gains be taxed at a mere 15%, and have many other tax loop-holes for the uber wealthy and for Corporations;   all the while we are carrying a trillion plus dollar debt and have an unsustainable deficit.   Every year we borrow millions more from China, because of course we WANT a communist dictatorship to have so much influence over our futures (I hope you can...

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