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Texting and Driving Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Nicole Williams

Should Cell phone Use by Drivers Be Illegal?

The debate continues to still go on today about different ways that we can stop not only texting and driving, but also the fatal accidents that come along with this act. Being able to speak from first hand experience myself, I’m determined to make others realize how dangerous and at risk they are putting not only themselves, but everyone else on the road around them as well. My name is Mary Joseph and I’m and 18 year old driver from San Diego, California. My tragedy of hitting an innocent driver because of my choice to text has changed the way I live and drive tremendously.
California roads consist of heavy traffic, steep hills, parallel parking up and down the streets, and always people in a rush. Most people are nervous just to drive on a daily basis because of all these risky factors. On top of that, with the high increase in technology, more and more people are using their cell phone devices while driving whether it’s to text, get directions, or simply to talk on the phone. The combination of mixing strenuous roadways with distracted drivers makes it safe to say that we are all in danger every time we get in the car.
Before my accident, I had the same mindset as many of you do. I thought to myself, I’m so great at texting that glancing down every once in awhile couldn’t do any harm. Up until the moment came where due to a quick text message, I wasn’t aware that my victim in front of me had put their brakes on and I slammed straight into the back of their vehicle. Saying sorry wasn’t enough, but to have to admit the one excuse I only had was worse, “I was texting.”
My tragic incident was only one of millions that happen daily, however the government and most states have not banned drivers from using handheld cell phones in the car. Their main argument is that it is just another type of distraction that they can’t control such as eating while driving, arguing with kids in the...

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