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Texas Government Essay

  • Submitted by: skunker8
  • on February 27, 2014
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The Texas government, through time, had many trials and errors, which resulted to the current state of Texas government. Through the mistakes that were made in the past, the government of Texas has learned what works and what does not work.   As a result of a corrupt government, the Constitution of 1876 was created to correct some of the exploitations of power that was being taken advantage of by the governors and the appointed officials of Texas.
The creation of the Constitution of 1876 was a turning point in the government of Texas. This constitution introduced what is known as a plural executive. The people of Texas, as well as members of the political office felt that the corruption of the government originated from the notion that the governor had too much power. As a result, limiting the power that is anointed to the title of governor had to be done in order for history to not repeat itself. Therefore, the idea of plural executive was born to distribute the power of the governor among the many elected political officials. These other elected political officials run independently from the governor and do not run campaigns together. They are both a separate entity and not together by default. A relationship must be built between the two parties for the governor to be a successful political leader.
The practice of plural executive creates a weak chief executive. However, creating a weak executive only pushes the leader in charge to fight even harder for what they believe in, ultimately creating a good politician. Sometimes, the practice of plural executive can create an incoherent executive branch, where many goals and agendas are trying to be pushed without real organization or support. It is up to the governor to be the glue that holds the executive branch together and must build good and solid relationship with the branch members to mold a coherent government in which tasks and objectives can be accomplished together for the betterment of the people.

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