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Terrorism Essay

  • Submitted by: cutie89
  • on February 28, 2014
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The Media as a Weapon for Terrorist
Shantravia Williams
Everest University
Introduction to Terrorism – 12
Professor Onion
February 15, 2013

The Media as a Weapon for Terrorist
Terrorist has used the media for some time now as a weapon. The media is used as a tool to publicize the terrorists cause.   The terrorist wants nations and other groups to recognize their goals and come in and join their cause.   They use the media to identify themselves and hope that interested groups or politics will donated to their cause as well. The terrorist have used the media to put fear in the hearts of many people.  
Publicity is what the terrorist crave for, because terrorism is an act of theater and requires an audience.   The terrorists welcome opportunities for free publicity. The media provides the public with information of terrorist acts to a large, even global audience about the cause of which they are committed. (Combs, 2013)
Favorable understanding of their cause is a clear view of what terrorists wants.   Individuals and groups are breaking laws and norms of behavior to make their audience understand their cause and why they are carrying out these terrorist acts. With the press having sympathy for these terrorists suffering, and cause, they are willing to convey their message to a wide audience.   (Combs, 2013)
For legitimacy and identity recruitment must be effectively. Groups must convey legitimacy and identity, and a clear sense of purpose and identity to those which might be looking for similar political goals. If a terrorist group need funding for its operation like most do, good publicity for successful operations could draw supporters from nations and individuals who share the same concerns as the group. (Combs, 2013)  
Destabilization of the enemy is a goal often cited by terrorist groups as causing damage to the enemy. Terrorists generate a sense of uneasy, enhancing a fear that the government is unable to offer security and stability to its people....

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