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Teenagers Now and Then Essay

  • Submitted by: JunelleDoc1
  • on February 26, 2014
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The difference between teenagers now and then.

In the 80s teens were much more content with less. They didn't grow up in a high-tech, I-Pod, I-Tunes, Blackberry, Laptop, Hannah Montana world so they just was content with going outside, playing, sports, and after-school activities. Kids in the 80s didn't mind working just to get a used car either as their first car. But these kids nowadays want everything handed to them and can you blame them. Kids in the 80s went to the library and manually looked for certain book. Kids now days just get on the net. Kids back in the 80s focused on being kids.

It is a frustrating reality that the new generation of teenagers are so... how would you describe them anyway?

Sex. Drugs, Money. Rebellion. All of these are the things that the usual teenager copes with. And to think of it, how were they able to think of such things? Seriously speaking, there is a huge difference of the teenagers now and then. From their language to fashion and even to the way they think. I am not sure if technology is the one who should take the blame or not but one thing is for sure: it affected them.

Back in my early years, I grew up playing outdoor games. Traditional one. Piko (hopscotch), Patintero, Batuhang Bola (dodge ball) and so many more. The only available game created by technology are game boys and if you happen to have one, you are definitely

famous and rich. Kind of funny actually. But I miss these years. Now, look outside. All children are indoors playing computer games, PSP, play station, etc. They are so unlucky that they are unable to know how it feels like being covered in sweat, your heart bouncing with laughter and happiness and just being a child.

I can even remember those times where my mom would scold me because I am covered with dirt and I smell gross but that's just how a child plays. It is an essential part of growing up. That moment where you are wounded and others would help you. Now, those moments are rarely...

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