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Technology Impacts Essay

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Technological advancements and how it impacted our understanding of cell theory.

The modern era has seen many developments in technology that have benefited the science world. One development in the history of science, which has helped science greatly, is the development of the microscope. Today it is unclear to who invented the first microscope in the mid 1550’s as some historians say it was Hans Lippershey, famous for filing the first patent telescope, but others believe it was Hans and Zacharias Janssen, a father and son team known for making spectacle lenses. These microscopes were compound (light) microscopes and later in 1609 Galileo Galilei improved upon the compound microscope design.

Then once again a few years later well-known English scientist Robert cooks also improved the microscope including the use of the iris diaphragm. He explored all sorts of things under a microscope such as snowflakes, fleas, a needle and a razor but his most significant observation was done on cork. While examining the cork Hook saw pores and decided to name them cells, however he did not realise he had just discovered plant cells. In 1665 he detailed his observations in the book “Micrographia.”

Later in 1661 an Italian man named Marcello Malpighi was the first to apply the microscope to the study of animals and vegetable structures. It was his practice to open animals alive, and that’s how some of his most important discoveries were made. While one day he was observing fish tails he saw observed the red blood cells passing through fine capillaries. His discovery was of great importance in elucidating a major issue regarding animal physiology.

After cook a Dutch scientist named Anton van Leeuwenhoek achieved greater results by developing different ways to make superior lenses, which, allowed him to acquire a magnifying power of 270x. Van Leeuwenhoek later went on to make many biological discoveries using his microscopes as he observed the living cells inside...

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