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Technology and Communications Essay

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Patrick Pesla

Technology and Communications

It is no doubt that when technology changes, so does the way people communicate. Especially people in business. Finding the technology to make communication efficient, is the goal of almost all businesses. Which is also the goal of all companies that create this technology.
A few of the items that have advanced communications in the last 10 years would have to include;
  * The cell phone. Without a doubt the most used piece of technology by every human being who owns one. When the cell phone was first introduced, it helped business tremendously because now you could talk to your partners, whenever you needed to, not just when they were in the office. In this day in age though, the cell phone does so much more. You can check your emails, make appointments, check the statuses of orders, basically anything you can think of, you could do on a smart phone, if you’re selling a product, your customers can even pay for it right there with your phone.
  * Instant messenger and video chat. These two tools I think fall into the same category. Instant messenger has been around since the time of AOL, but video chatting is still fairly new. Video communication is great if you are a business person and need to speak with a partner who you cannot meet with face to face. Let’s say you absolutely needed to see what your partner was working on, it is much faster and cheaper to start up a video conversation, than it is to drive, or fly to wherever they may be, or to have them mail you what it is they are working on.

I believe all technology will change the way we communicate in the future, and have bigger and bigger impacts on how we do so, simply because, things are always going to change to become easier and more efficient. The technology industry will always work towards the working people of the world to make their lives easier. I can’t wait to see how things change in a few years’ time when I myself am a business...

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