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Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: miosotic23
  • on March 24, 2014
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Over the years, the many different ways of communication has increased. We have telephones and cellphones, instant messages and text messages, mail and e-mail and social networks as well. The more new technology that evolves, the more forms of communication that comes with it. Today, you don't have to go to somebody's house to see them. You just need a phone with a camera and you can see them on your phone screen. Why call someone when you can text them? No need to meet up, just FaceTime me. 
There is technology all around us and it affects us in everyday life. From the moment we wake up to when we step outside, there are the flashing lights of Times Square showing you the evolution of technology throughout time. Every day, you wake up to an alarm clock, turn on your television and probably check your Facebook or email before even brushing your teeth. Facebook has become one of the biggest parts of our lives today. Alice Mathias, who wrote the article “The FakeBook Generation” points out to us that the privacy we have now is very limited. On this social network, one posts there date of birth, where they went to school, statuses about what they are doing, and basically just about everything about themselves. The things people post, however, may not be accurate as you think. For example, someone might put their name on Facebook as Refrigerator Jones, but that’s for entertaining purposes.
Facebook is all about entertainment. People go on Facebook post statuses for like and comments back, to look at other peoples pictures and see how they spent their weekend, or even for a little stalking on the person you’ve got your eye on. Alice Mathias wrote “Fakebook” instead of “Facebook” as the title of her article because in reality, it’s so unreal. Everyone becomes a new person once they’re behind a computer screen. Even some of the people you have as “friends” on facebook yet don’t know could be someone out to get you. But people are too oblivious to the real world to...

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