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Technology Essay

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Modern medicine, better communications, more ways to education, and easier ways to get resources are benefits that modern technology provides us. Technology is helpful because it makes our life so much easier and fun.
In the world of medicines, techniques of treatments for illnesses have improved a lot by technology. In the past, when technology wasn’t as advanced, people had shorter life spans since they didn’t have our knowledge of the human body. Scientists nowadays learn new things about us every day because of technology. Not only that, technology allowed doctors to cure many diseases that were lethal just a couple decades ago.
Vaccines are important inventions that we’ve developed through technology. Vaccines are biological preparation that improves our immune system against certain diseases, having them available is a huge benefit to our health. The process of making vaccines is very complicated and difficult, and without them, our lives are in more danger every minute.
Other than vaccines, many other things were invented as technology advanced. For example, instead of cutting a big hole in a patient’s body for operation, we now use laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopes help us be in less pain and heal faster after a surgery. Also, medications are affordable and available everywhere.
Not only did technology make modern medicine more useful, it also made communication between people a lot easier. Things like e-mail, social networking, phones, text messaging, and instant messaging are all invented to make communication more convenient.
The invention of cell phones gave us the advantage of being able to talk to someone whenever and wherever we need or want to. For a business man, a cell phone allows him to contact his client or his partner even when he is not anywhere close to them in location. Of course, cell phones benefit people other than business men. For example, a mother can always find out where her child is and when he will be coming home;...

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