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Technology Essay

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Knowledge for the future
Technology has made a huge impact on today’s society and how things work not only in this country but all around. From Iphones to Ipads to new lap top computers, everything technologically based has been advanced or changed in the last 20 years more than it has ever changed. To be a part of today’s society you really have to know how to operate all the different devices and software’s to become successful(CNN).
In BCIS class I was taught numerous amounts of information that will be used later in life, most of the information that I learned will be demanded if I want to become a successful businessmen.   Starting off with basic usage of a computer, software’s like Microsoft office will be needed in my career if I ever want to write a memo, or making a spreadsheet of some sort.   Making power points is a key factor when presenting a presentation, knowing how to conduct a power point really pushes your ability to show and inform people about the topic that you are discussing. Not only were we taught how to handle different software’s for computers but also we learned how to be successful in a business environment. We always were taught how to succeed in what we are doing. For example, when your boss directs you to do a certain task always respond to the task with a very knowledgeable approach. Don’t cut the corners or do the wrong thing because a boss can find someone just as quick as they hired you. Always show up to work on time, always do what your told, and always dress appropriately.
A big thing I am going to be able to use in my future is the document sharing websites, I learned a lot about what they are and how they work. If I am ever hired to a job that takes an ample amount of communication threw long distances and working over the Internet this will be what I use. It helped me associate and work with other working over the Internet. Having to use something like this really teaches you the skill of working together and also make...

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