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Technogoy Has Made My Life Simplier Essay

  • Submitted by: Hotmarie1
  • on June 22, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Technogoy Has Made My Life Simplier" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Technology makes my life simpler

Technology makes my life simpler for three reasons,   cars,   on-line schooling, and communication. All these things are a big part of our daily lives. If we did not have the technology like we have. We would be living like the Amiss do.

Cars make my life simpler. It allows me to work far distance from home. It allows me to make quick trips when I need to do something important like go to the store, doctors and ,do something with my children and family. Driving my car gives me the freedom that I need to find myself.   New car technology has made my life simpler.

On-line schooling has made my life simpler. If there was no on-line schooling I could not go to college. I learn better on line then I did in a classroom setting. I do not have to worry about being late for my classes. When my classes are on-line.

Comm has made my life simpler. If we did not have telephone's we could not communicate with our friends and family as much. We would have to convert back to the Pony Express. Communication has made running my Avon business a lot simpler. Communication is a vital part of living.

In conclusion technology has madehard life's a lot simpler. I can use my car to make quick trips. I am able to go to college because of on-line schooling. I am able to keep in contact with family, friends, and clients. I am thankful for the technology we have because it has made my life simpler and fulfilling.

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