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Teaching Math Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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3 Prerequisite Skills Students are familiar with at this point:
    • Each student understands the difference in whole and part definition of fraction
    • Symbols used in relation to symbols are understood
    • Each student understands the terms used with fractions (halves, fifths, etc.
    • Students have the ability to compute basic level division/multiplication.

Equivalent fractions will be the first point of discussion in this lesson. The first step I will take is asking my students if they can define equivalent fractions. After hearing their responses I will define the term for them. I will then pass out a piece of paper to each student. I will demonstrate exactly how to fold this paper so it is divided into twelfths. The students will be folding their paper as I demonstrate with mine. Each student will be given a red pencil and asked to color six of the sections. Students now will be able to recognize we have 6/12. At this point the paper will be folded in the opposite direction. Students will be asked at this point how many parts there are. The answer will be 12/24. I will then ask my students how this is possible. Did I give them more paper to fold? The answer is no, these two fractions are simply equivalent. I will now demonstrate to the students how we simply folded a piece of paper to double the first fraction.

For the second demonstration we will be using magnetic pies that are cut into four, eight, and twelve slices. I will be placing all three pie demonstrations on the front chalk board. I will ask one student to come to the pie that has four slices and remove one slice. So the student is removing ¼ of the pie. Another student will come up to the pie that has eight slices and remove two. Therefore the student is taking 2/8 of the pie. Lastly a student will come up to the pie with twelve slices and remove three of the slices. So the student is removing 3/12 of a pie. After they remove their pieces of the pie, students were asked to write...

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