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Teaching Essay

  • Submitted by: hannahbanks98
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Bonus Report: 55 Ways to Get Silence from a Noisy Group

FREE REPORT: 25 Ways to Get Silence from a Noisy Group
If you struggle to get your students’ attention during lessons here’s a nifty collection of ideas which may help. This report is a sample from the full ‘55 Ways to Get Silence from a Noisy Group’ which is available with our Take Control of the Noisy Class teacher pack. For more details on how to get your copy, (as well as the other 30 classroom silencers), see the end of this report… #30: Countdown “5; Okay it’s time to stop and look this way. Excellent, very quick on that table. 4; pens should be down, books and mouths should be closed, very good you two, you’re listening to me. 3; still too much noise over here, that side of the room are perfect. 2; Just waiting for the last few people now, all conversations should be stopped, hands on the desk in front of you. Well done, you’ve got it. 1; Thank you! OK, this is the next part of the lesson…” #31: Call Backs “If you hear me, clap your hands.” (Those that don’t hear will stop to see why other students are clapping). If the noise continues, add other actions: “If you hear me snap your fingers, wiggle your nose, or wink, etc.” #32: Sir Yes Sir! If you've seen the drill scenes in 'Full Metal Jacket' or 'An Officer and a Gentleman', you'll know exactly how this one works. You might also want to warn teachers in any adjoining classrooms! You: Whenever I need you to listen really closely to me I'm going to say one word: "atten-tion!"… and I want you all to respond by shouting "sir yes sir!" [John Wayne drawl] Okay? Students: Okay sir!
© Rob Plevin behaviour Needs Ltd 2013 Take Control of the Noisy Class


Bonus Report: 55 Ways to Get Silence from a Noisy Group

You: Atteeeeeen-tion! Students: SIR YES SIR!! #33: Teach them a routine for giving you attention Spend some time teaching a routine for giving attention quickly so that students get into a HABIT...

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