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Teachers Creed Essay

  • Submitted by: bloodyangel27
  • on August 30, 2013
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The Teacher’s Creed

      I believe in the innate goodness of boys and girls   ,   in the wonders of their young minds of great potential, waiting to   be molded and developed into the promise of tomorrow.
      I believe in the right of every child to an education, for his days to be honed in laughter   , encouraged in love, immersed in truth, nurtured in wisdom, laced in deals and filled with hope to be whatever he chooses to be, given the proper guidance and encouragement to soar the heights of his reason and being.
      I believe in the dignity of teaching, in the power of the teacher to influence a child till eternity, in his ability to make a child wise and good, strong to face trials and adversities, seasoned with temperance, self-denial and patience, in his dexterity to discuss and lead the willing young hearts and minds into the world of sunshine, of warmth and peace until he becomes a full-fledged adult.
      I believe that to prepare our young for the world of tomorrow, education should not only focus on simple transmitting knowledge but it place a premium on invention, innovation, anticipation and adaptation.
      I believe that learning must not only be on learning per se but it should be on learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.
      I believe in the beauty and serendipity in the classroom, in the family and the home, in the oneness and diversity of a unified nation, in the strength of a world where countries care for Mother Earth, where they work with mutual respect and harmony, in peace and brotherhood.
      I believe in good behavior, promoting sound Filipino values, and the need to persevere and transmit the best of the Filipino culture and tradition to the next generation.
      I believe in maintaining and in the continuing efforts to improve the quality, relevance and effectiveness of education and schooling
      I believe in encouraging enterprise for it is in initiative and resourcefulness that we become...

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