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Tda 2.13 Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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Learning Outcome 1:   Understand the schools policy and procedures for displays.

1.1 Obtain a copy of your schools policy (If your school doesn’t have one, discuss it with your teacher or use the generic one provided).   Describe your schools policy for displays.
When making a new display for the classroom or corridor, you first have to remove everything that is on there, remover every staple that you can find on the backboard as this come under health and safety.   You then plan out your design, explaining what it is about, will it be a display of showing the children’s work or display information about the current topic.   Also if the display has anything interactive, for example can people go up to the board and feel, smell or play with anything on/or around the display.
  Then go though a list of materials that you will be using to make the display, what materials will have texture, will you use anything to make it 3D as to stand out to emphasize something.

1.2 Explain why it is important for schools to have displays and what the purpose of the displays might be.
There are many reasons why displays in school are important; they show the children’s creativity, effort put into their work, gives the classroom character.   If the children’s work is presented around the classroom, it can stimulate them to produce better presentable work, with more creativity possibly.  
  There are different types of displays that can be used around a school or a classroom, displays can be used to inform, show off the class’s creativity/work and working displays.   Using displays to inform the children in class like when working a current topic in thematic subject like electricity, the display can show how electricity can be used, how renewable energy can be made in the form of electricity, keywords and so on.   Working displays are used for subjects of Literacy or numeracy mainly because, you’re teaching the children new topics every few weeks, so changing those displays to...

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