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Taxing the Obese Essay

  • Submitted by: mplantz
  • on June 20, 2014
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Taxing the Obese
Society is an integral part one “self”. Social problems are the root cause for many other problems. Being obese is not anymore a personal problem. It is ripened into a huge social problem. Let’s brush up the problems caused due to Obesity in today’s modern world.This is an age of modern living, superior technology, luxurious day-to-day, exaggerated money and last but not the least trending obesity. Growing number of cases of obesity has made it into a fully grown social problem. Child obesity is a much talked about topic in today’s era. What could be the cause of this? The modernization of our living has took us to the top of the ladder on one side and it drenches us in a hollow pit called obesity.The changing life style has brought us into a world of the so called junk foods. These foods are considerable only if there is adequate amount of physical activity. Office jobs make us stagnate in a place. Though there is stagnation at work, we could take up initiatives for physical work outs. Rising percentage of obese cases is a red signal for us to stop and think. Any individual who shows least care for his fitness is subjected to obese.
Many people are struggling with their weight problems and try to find ways to prevent them. Obesity is a very serious matter in this world, yet people don’t take it as a global issue. In fact, if you are twenty percent over your normal weight you are considered obese (Meinfield, Audwin). Over-weighted people can have dangerous effects, emotional problems, and also take
on a lot of responsibility to get back to a normal weight. It is very well known to point out the country that is struggling with obesity and it is America. America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Shouldn't it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should be, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Even though we are living in a country with great economic power and...

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