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Task 1 - Integrated Natural Science Applications Essay

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Task 1 Integrated Natural Science Applications
John Kenneth Fisher - Student ID 000301592

Task 1 - Part 1
A specific scientific concept or phenomenon for which our understanding has changed over time

Understanding of evolution over time.
• Our ancestors believed that different species were all created as-is by a magical being.
“And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.” (Genesis 1:24 Standard King James Version) “Trinity gave birth to the myriad creatures. The myriad creatures bear yin on their back and embrace yang in their bosoms.” (Tao Te Ching) “And Allah has created from water every living creature: so of them is that which walks upon its belly, and of them is that which walks upon two feet, and of them is that which walks upon four; Allah creates what He pleases; surely Allah has power over all things.” (Qu’ran, Surat An-Nūr 24:45, Shakir Translation)

• As time went on, we realized that traits were being passed down the generations, and that species were EVOLVING. The earliest major attempt to understand the mechanism was LAMARCKISM.

• Lamarckism argued that animals moved forward eternally towards “perfection,” and along the way the functions they most exercised were passed on to their children. An individual that uses their brain more, passes on more brain power. An individual that runs has children with stronger legs than an individual who does not. • Lamarckism, however, began to run into problems as an explanation for evolutionary advance, as more and more research contradicted it. The time was ripe for a new explanation of why some features were passed on and others were not.

Natural Selection
Charles Darwin, however, came up with a new idea. An idea whose basic concept has been proven correct dozens of times over in the century-anda-half since he published it.

Natural Selection.
Darwin showed that...

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