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Syria Essay

  • Submitted by: Kreese1
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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I have strong feelings concerning the US if it were to go to war with Syria. I believe that war always brings suffering. For that reason I don't agree with President Obama, going to war with Syria won't resolve their problems. It will only cause our nation more tribulations like debt and casualties .
The United States cannot afford to go into another war, we have enough debt as it is. We shouldn't have to go and fix everyone's problems. According to defense experts "military action will cost American taxpayers billions of dollars at an era of austerity and contracting budgets." Therefore, President Obama should step away and let Syria handle themselves. Yes, it would be the humanitarian thing for us to intervene but we cannot meet the expense of an additional war. We are better off leaving them alone and letting them decide their own destiny.
When I think of war I can't help but think of death. If we were to invade Syria many soldiers would fall fighting a problem that doesn't concern their own country. I feel that our soldiers would die for another man's country rather than their own. The US could prevent numerous casualties by keeping our soldiers home with their families instead of fighting a meaningless war. More than   110,000 of people have died in Syria, most of them being innocent. I believe that we shouldn't place our soldiers to that risk and add more numbers to the death poll.
  As of right now Syria is not a threat to the United States. In my opinion the US should only go to war to protect its national security. We are not at risk at the moment. However, if we are to come under attack then we should retaliate. As for now we should stay out of the way and save our nation's time, money, and soldiers.

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