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Synergy Essay

  • Submitted by: Pmack1111
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Synergy is a tool used to amplify output in an organized way by utilizing two entities or effects either psychologically or physically. I propose that synergy is found in all aspects of life; nature, business and social.  By using synergy to enhance my personal life I expect it to maximize efficiency of household chores and make me a generally happier person by providing more time to balance my life.   My goal is to write a paper about synergizing ideas and uniting efforts to not only get things done faster but better.  In this paper I will write about the collaboration of two people doing household chores to finish faster.
I began my journey for balance by questioning my habits and asking my wife what she needed help with most and what I could do to make things better.   She has always been a sounding board for me and I value her opinion.   She, without hesitation, stated that laundry was a chore she thought I could help with.   “It’s a rare person among us who looks forward to cleaning the house. I certainly don’t, but a clean house is something I enjoy perhaps too much.” (zenhabits.net, Anne Gibbons)   This quote basically summed up my feelings about laundry, so in order to create a shift in my thinking I began considering laundry with a fresh start.
Laundry, the fabric of our lives and a necessary human activity, how can we make this mundane action faster and better? I asked myself how often do we have to do it and how can synergy make this more efficient?   From a time stand point the answer was easy, create a division of labor by separating the tasks and a time frame in which to complete it in. I quickly realized that this would not answer my question.   If my goal is to enhance my personal life then structuring chores in such a way that they become laborious and tedious like a job would instantly make them less enjoyable.
I tested two methods; the first was an attempt to finish the laundry by maximizing my wife’s efforts and my own.   We not only finished the...

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