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Synergetic Solutions, Inc. – Internal Report

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  • on August 30, 2013
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Synergetic Solutions, Inc. – Internal Report
Organizational Changes
“Survival of the fittest is about adaptability to a changing environment and new competitive realities.” Charles Darwin. This concept is what organizations are faced with and in order to survive, they have to be willing to change and adapt.   Synergetic Solutions, Inc. is undergoing huge changes in their networks solutions designing and implementing complex computing networks market. Internal and external factors have been taken into consideration by leadership at Synergetic Solutions. Resistance is a normal reaction by employees so strategies will be rolled out in an attempt to smooth out the areas of resistance.   This internal analysis will show:
• Internal and external forces of change needed and why these are needed
• Factors to Consider before Change and Change Models
• Resistance that will be faced
• How leadership can manage resistance
Current Position of Company
Synergetic Solutions is a $6 million dollar company in the business of systems integration. Synergetic has 300 employees, most of which are in the sales and services departments.   These employees possess only basic computer assembly and troubleshooting skills. The Company has 5 locations across the East coast.   The Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Herald Redd, made a decision to expand their networks solutions designing and implementing complex computing networks market.   (UOP - Simulation).
Internal and External Forces of Change
Synergetic Solutions understands that change is an unavoidable factor in business,   and they are willing to attempt a organizational restructure.   Leaders acknowledge that communication is the key to a successful outcome.   Three critical internal forces of change within the organization are
1. Employee Skillset
2. Workflow Efficiency and Organizational Effectiveness
3. Employee Interaction
With the exception of a few higher skilled specialists, most employees in Synergetic Solutions only...

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