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Swinging Sixties Essay

  • Submitted by: dnguen
  • on September 1, 2013
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History essay
The 1960s also renown as the swinging sixties ,were a time of great political unrest. Events such as the Youth March, rebelling and protecting long per-held ideologies, there were many culture and social changes related to Female rights, Aboriginal acknowledgment and the end to the Vietnam War taking place.
  The female rights movement had begun and been raised the attention of the globe in 60's. Females no longer wanted to be assigned   as   traditional caretakers and wanted to establish a new ,modern role for themselves.   Women's rights movement had occurred to protest and demand equal rights in the workplace, education , politics and all other aspects of life. The movement brought about major changes in their lives.   The introduction of the birth control pill gave women more freedom in their sex life's and hence loosen the pressure from the society as they could carefully family plan.

  Aboriginal Australians had known injustice from the first days of white settlements . By the 1950s several organizations and individuals began to demand better rights for Aboriginal people. One such group was Federal Council for the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders , which was formed in 1958. They demanded better housing, health care , equal pay , improved educational opportunities , the rights for the land and the representation in the parliament.   On August 28, 1963 Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in America, expounding on his idea of a peaceful world without discrimination.   Furthermore on The 1965 Freedom ride by Charles Perkins captured the attention of the media and rose the issue of racism in Australia. In 1967 a Referendum recognizing the indigenous people as citizens was passed with overwhelming public support to include them into the Australian population. This campaign was due to a long struggle of indigenous and non- indigenous Australians who demanded better rights for indigenous people and made the public...

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