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Swine Flu Essay

  • Submitted by: iamfoos
  • on March 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the honourable chair, we, the propostion, would prevent British nationals from returning home from Mexico. I will start by defining the motion.

    This house, meaning the government, would prevent, by stopping any flights from Mexico to Britain, British Nationals, anyone residing in Britain, from returning home from Mexico.

Now I am going to introduce two points, the first is about the possibility of a swine flu becoming a pandemic, the second about the welfare of Britain.

My first point is that, if we do not take action now, then swine flu could become a pandemic. The last infulenza pandemic was in 1968 and it killed over one million and the sapnish flu in 1918 killed over 100 million, and since then, I think we have forgotten how dangerous they really are. Even those that start mild can turn perilous.and HIV resided in chimpanzees before we caught it. If swine flu becomes a pandemic; the NHS simply does not have enough medicine to treat that amount of people. Therefore, to conclude my point, we should nip this in the bud before something disastrous like a pandemic can occur.

My second point is that the welfare of Britain depends on keeping those few people in Mexico. For me this is like nuclear power and global warming, there were a few times, like in Chernobyl, when things got out of hand, but nuclear power does not produce greenhouse gases that are causing global warming so the world is better off. With influenza, if only a few people have it, others can contract it quickly. It is like, again with global warming, three towns versus the world. In this case, it is the few people still in Mexico versus the whole of Britain.   In addition, if we can give medicine or vaccines to those people, then they too can be safe.

To conclude, my first point was that there is the threat of a pandemic and my second was that the welfare of Britain is more important. Thank you.

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