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Surroacy: Thwart the Standing-in. Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Surroacy: Thwart the Standing-in." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Humans are given the nature to reproduce and build their own family. In line to this nature, it is essential for a loving couple to have children in their family. To bear a child, God gave a married couple to naturally produce through sexual intercourse. The woman will conceive the fertilized egg for nine months and give birth. But if one of the couple fail to contribute to this natural phenomena, not because of the financial difficulties in raising a child but due to some physiological factors, like infertility of a woman or impotency of the man, an alternative way of having a child was available as their option – surrogacy.
This kind of fertility treatment was not actually banned in the Philippines. The absence of law against it, made not illegal. Through this, it is possible for a couple who could not bear a child to have one. Even a same-sex couples could have their own partially, genetically child if they choose surrogacy as a solution. Surrogacy was not banned in the Philippines, but many issues were raised against it. Some says it is a help for couples who could not have the potential to build their own family due to some medical problems; but others raise their eyebrows for this treatment because of the way it is being done and the people involved in the process. Hiring a surrogate to conceive for a couple’s child is a feministic issue of morality. It seems that the essentiality of a woman was recognized in a different way. The biological way of having a child was another issue. Some people in the medical field believed that surrogacy was actually a form of cloning, and the development of the fetus was noticed to be inappropriate.
Another issue is the morality of the people involved in this treatment and the money spent for the agreement. Lastly, the issue of the legality of surrogacy in many aspects such as the agreement between a couple and the hired surrogate, and a question of who will be the parent of the child.

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