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Supazack15's Channel Essay

  • Submitted by: Zackattack10
  • on March 17, 2012
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Destruction of habitat during construction of the housing estate
Habitat is lost during construction, because each habitat has species within it. Habitat destruction will not support the present species in that environment. It can affect the species and the ecosystem itself, if the ecosystem has been affected the species will eventually extinct due to the environment they are living, i.e. tigers are close to extinction.   The plants, animals, and other organisms that lives within that ecosystem have been reduced carrying capacity so that populations decline and extinction becomes more likely.

Increase rubbish from the house
Rubbish are increasing from the food, item you buy and you don’t want to it.

Litters are everywhere. People throw litters on streets and not knowing how it’s going to affect the animal’s ecosystem. Animals such as cats, rat and dogs will get affect. Animals can swallow or get tangled in many litter items people leaves in the environment. People also throw litters to the oceans, which will eventually affect species such as fish.

Graffiti has been affected people breathing. All graffiti has toxic in it and each time it’s been leaked it spread liquid which can be harmful.   Graffiti is considered art by some people. It is also vandalism, destroying someone’s property w/o their approval is a crime whether the graffiti people like it or not, there must be places for these artists to release their abilities outside of defacing what does not rightfully belong to them to begin with.

Increase CO2 level

Noise Pollution
Any kind noise can disrupt person during their sleep. It seems to be the sounds bother you more than talking.

Light Pollution
Increase numbers of people walking on land

Recycling can be both advantage and disadvantage. Recycling is productive   It's good for the environment, it's good for practicing green-living, and plastic is bad for the environment because it takes hundreds of years...

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