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Summer Essay

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  • on March 24, 2014
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Criminology Exam 2 Study Guide

Overview | -80% of all crime is property -4 Types:1. Burglary 2. Larceny/theft (Most freq. 60% of crime)3. Motor vehicle theft 4. Arson (added in 1979) |
How are property crimes different than violent crimes? | -No personal confrontation -Usually considered less serious (less harm, offenders usually don’t use violence) -Sometimes no individual victims, easier for offenders to “justify” -Lower clearance rates -Demographic differences are weaker     * Age     * Gender     * Race   * Socioeconomic status (SES) Property Crime Trend: decreasing since 1970s |
--Shoplifting Documentary | -Ethics don’t matter when comes to survival -80% people shoplifted at least once -Retailers lose $40 billion/ year -Anyone can steal (Winona Ryder) -Company employees steal most -75% US employees steal from work-Men and women shoplift equally-25% children shoplift -70% doesn’t plan to steal     * Amateurs: impulse, opportunist -Compulsive shoplifters: Winona Ryder     * Adrenaline, not getting caught     * Some people: panic, regret |
Reasons: |     * Thrill seeker   * Poor     * Addiction (kleptomaniac)     * Forgot     * Addictive emotional shoplifters (fill emotional void) |
Boosters | -Professionals who resell what they steal     * No remorse     * Calm     * Adept     * Motivation=profit     * Difficult to control -Cost stores to shut down or push into bankruptcy -Make booster bags, won’t set off alarms-Sell in internet or to stores   -Money, thrill seeking -Considered opportunists |
Shrink -- | People pay more money to pay for/ make up for loss of profit from shoplifting |
Larceny-Theft | Includes:   * Shoplifting   * Pocket picking   * Purse snatching     * Motor vehicles (most common) |
Amateurs vs. Professionals | Amateur Criminals -Don’t define themselves as criminals -Unskilled and offenses unplanned -Occasional crime (when opportunity/ financial need) Professional Criminals -Significant portion of income from...

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