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Summary Of The Medium Makes The Message: Effects o

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The purpose of Huxham’s article is “to investigate the effects of different cues on note-taking” (181) and analyze how “different cues produce different notes” (179). Huxham agrees that “[p]revious work has shown that students’ notes often fail to record key facts and concepts” (179) . In the study Huxham assesses “the quality of notes taken in response to cues involving different depths” (181) and experiments “the effects of presenting material as ‘interactive windows’ on the quality of the notes produced” (181). Huxham also observes “the relationship between the volume and the quality of notes” (181) as well as “the use of abbreviations, symbols, non-linear notes and other note-taking techniques” (180). Huxham creates data based on carbon copies of 238 note-sets collected “from four lectures on evolution” (181). Huxham classifies “four different modes of communication” (181) where “[e]ach of the lectures [contain] one of each of these cues” (181). With each note-set Huxham assesses variables like word count, use of standard abbreviations/symbols, use of non-standard abbreviation/symbols, and whether the notes are linear/non-linear. Huxham assigns a score to each set of notes and calculates the percentage of note sets with each score. He uses all of the data to show relationships between the cues and variables with respect to the quality of notes. For example, Huxham finds that “98% of the note-sets recorded at least some of the information on the slide [cues]” (186) to which he proposes that students “understood a slide as a cue to note-taking” (186). However Huxham suggests “the evidence for the enhancing effect of interactive windows on student notes is strong”. He supports the use of interactive windows because it requires “[students] recording their own thoughts and discussions rather than the words of the lecturer only” (187). Huxham concludes “different cues resulted in different qualities of notes” (187). His stance remains that students “lack note-taking...

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