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Summary of Earth by Bill Mckibben

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  • on February 27, 2014
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'Earth' by Bill McKibben's.
Climate is commonly thought of as the expected weather conditions at a given location over time. Climate change refers to change in the statistics of these conditions over years, decades, or even centuries. When we talk of climate change we are really talking of changes brought about over the centuries during which time we have seen increased use of energy sources that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, which have a warming effect and hence shifting climate patterns.
Climate change poses a major, and largely unfamiliar, challenge. We are increasing the atmospheric concentration of energy-trapping gases, thereby amplifying the natural ‘greenhouse effect’ that makes the Earth habitable. It has been proved with scientific evidence that human activities are a primary cause of climate change. The impacts of climate change will have economic, social and health issues in a bad way. The only way to save our Earth is to fight this climate change. Adapting it would be just losing hope for a better Earth.
Further and immediate actions are needed to avert the worst of these impacts. The more action is delayed the more the levels of greenhouse gases will rise before they are brought under control, exposing the Earth to greater levels of warming.
Fighting Climate change is very important because it affects our quality of life. In many regions agriculture is getting adversely affected by water shortages and extreme heat. Thousands of people are dying across the world because of hunger which is just a deadly consequence of climate change.
The economic consequences of climate change puts pressure on already stressed world financial system. The social consequences results when large scale of human migrations takes place from lands affected by drought and famine and extreme heat stress.
Many steps can be taken on community level as well as individual level. Driving a car, using electricity to light and heat your home, and throwing away garbage...

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