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Helping Field Summary

There are many reasons why people enter the human services field. Most of the reasons stem from personal experiences and feelings. A lot of people enter the human services field because they have had experience with other professionals in the field, and were affected either positively or negatively through those experiences. If the effect was positive, they may want to pay it forward by entering the human services field and helping others. If they were affected negatively they may want to be a better person and make a difference where that person did not. Either way, the motivation here is to help others.
There are also those who have been through difficult situations where they could have used assistance, and no one was there for them or they did not have access to resources. Perhaps they were not aware of those resources, or there just simply was not anyone there to direct them where to go. These people may be motivated by the desire to ensure that others have access to the resources they did not, and can help people avoid the terrible feeling of being stuck and helpless.
Intrinsic motivation also plays a significant role in the decision to enter the human services field. Oftentimes those positions do not come with a large paycheck or recognition; they come with the good feeling of realizing you are making a difference in another person's life. The ability to give of one's self is invaluable, and anyone who enters this field will most likely live a far more gratifying life because of the good work they are doing. People that enter this field based on intrinsic impulses are often motivated by compassion, show empathy, and ultimately love helping people strive to be the best they can. As human service representatives we understand that sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and that individuals in that situation just need someone to care and help them get back on track. People who enter this field are there for the main...

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