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Sulu Sultanate Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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ARTICLE: “The Sulu Sultanate: A Historical Encounter of Islam and Malay Culture”
Renato T. Oliveros, SJ. Tambara November 2007: pages 17-32

This piece written by Renato Oliveros is the important events, history and the changes of the Islam and Malay culture. First, it talks about how the Moros are having an identity crisis. They’ve started to imitate the Arabs in terms of their clothing. They’re replacing famous trademarks of the Moros with Arab garbs. It also talks about how Islam started in the Philippines. From the Arab trade to Karim ul Makhdum, who was actually responsible for founding the 1st mosque, and to Rajah Baguinda. The Barangay system has also changed with the help of Abu bakr who was actually the first Sultan. He established Sultanate, which is an Islamic system of government. There was also the mention of a datu-sakop relationship wherein both of them benefited economically and politically. This relationship made a very powerful and lasting influence which even led to the conversion of many Moros to Islam. It also explains Tawheed mor deeply. Tawheed means Oneness or Divine Unity of God and this is central to all Moros. It also talked about the Sino-Sulu trade. The Chinese actually have records as early as 982 CE, there were ships seen in trading ports in Southern China. The way these ships were made suggests that the Taosugs actually owned these ships. This article also takes on how Sulu had the status of being the poorest region in the Philippines. With this rich culture, the Moros are proposing a reestablishment of the sultanate in order to redeem themselves.

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