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Subject Line Essay

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The Importance of well written email subject lines
Subject lines, depending how they are worded, can either send your email to spam or send it to the intended recipient(s). Not everyone takes thought in the importance of the subject line when preparing an email. Often times, we focus on the body of the message as whole, and put little effort into the subject of what we just prepared. “A descriptive subject line assists the receiver’s understanding of the message and is helpful for future reference to it” (Lehman & Dufrene, 2014, p. 71).
If you would like to help assure that your email is of importance and will be read, there are a few reminders to consider. The 5 Ws – Who, What, Where, When and Why give more insight and detail into a subject line (p. 73). Ex: Staff meeting. This does not tell me Who, Where, When or Why. A better subject line could have been: All staff meeting Thursday 1:00 conf. room, budget concerns. This gives the recipient vital needed information and they will know to open the email for further elaboration.
Spam filters are becoming more advanced and emails are scrutinized before even reaching your intended recipient. It is important to stay away from common words and challenge ourselves to be unique and different. Like a newspaper, we need a headline, or in this case a subject line, that grabs the attention of the reader. That not only draws them to the email, but also helps them store and organize the email for future reference.
In conclusion, remember the subject line will be the first thing your recipient sees. Take the time, following the above guidelines, to help ensure spam does not relocate your email and that the subject line is precise, grabbing and informative.

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