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Stuff Essay

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  • on June 26, 2014
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Military discipline and conduct, issues of appropriate behavior, extremist organizations and activities, Army language program, the accommodation of religious practices and women in the Army represent which of the following?
| A. | Related EO program elements |
| B. | EO leadership issues |
| C. | Values and attitudes acquired after enlistment |
| D. | Categories of discrimination |
The Army’s EO program was born in response to:
| A. | Attempts to institutionalize the Army |
| B. | Low morale and esprit de corps in units |
| C. | The Civil Rights Act of 1964 |
| D. | Violent confrontations that erupted between racial and ethnic groups |
Which of the following defines culture?
| A. | The sharing of learned behaviors and perceptions of a group, which are passed from one generation to another through a socialization process.
| B. | The judgment or expectation that people might have about certain things.
| C. | Behaviors that are the norm for a specific environment.
| D. | Behaviors, people, things, and ideas that are considered central in a specific environment. |
Any attitude or action by an individual, group, or institution that subordinates another person or group because of skin color defines which of the following?
| A. | Racism
| B. | Stereotyping
| C. | Paternalism
| D. | Ethnicity
Which of the following defines patterns of thinking?
| A. | It is the way leaders reach a conclusion or deduction is sometimes used to evaluate performance.
| B. | It is the history of customs and courtesies.
| C. | It is the process and method by which Soldiers transmit their values, beliefs, and perceptions.
| D. | It is the learned patterns of behavior associated with the language of a given culture.
Leader commitment
Sequential and progressive training
Effective and responsive complaint process
Affirmative action plan
Feedback mechanisms
EO advisors (EOA)...

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