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Studying Abroad Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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Alicia Woolston
College Comp
8 November 2013
A world of change
Confidence creates essentials for the ultimate success to go far in life. Gaining confidence and improving personal development occurs in many ways over time, but what better way than traveling half way around the world to obtain a once in a lifetime experience? Studying abroad proposes many advantages to every college student, and each student should highly consider taking this unique once in a lifetime opportunity. Through data collection by a survey, students who studied abroad state that it helped them gain self-confidence, enhanced their interest in academic study, influenced them to seek out a greater diversity of friends, and required them to develop skill sets that would influence their career path (Dwyer). Given all of these positive achievements through traveling abroad, countless have trouble saying that this opportunity serves as a negative influence on a student. Studying abroad helps students reach new heights in achievements academically and personally. Studying abroad creates numerous opportunities to improve these aspects in any student’s life.
College students gain independence when studying at a high level of education, but studying abroad would increase it even more. When halfway around the world, many students have to make decisions for themselves. This establishes independence and becomes more crucial to a college student. Maturity develops for each individual at a different time, but college students who attend a studying abroad opportunity come back with more maturity than before they left (Dwyer). The fact of managing finances when so far away from home serves as a test in its own (“10 Reasons”). Not only the responsibility for paying at least some of the travel expenses, but also having to understand the new type of currency along with the new living expenses. Although it may seem like a big step to go around the world, it helps gain confidence, independence,...

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