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Study Guide Essay

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  • on June 25, 2014
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ARTS 1301 – Art Appreciation
Study Guide – Exam II – Chapters 2.1-2.10

  1. Pencil (number and letter) that makes the lightest mark, the darkest mark.
  2. Drawing medium that dates back to 30,000 BCE.
  3. Medium used by Georges Seurat on La Grande Jatte.
  4. What artist tool have East Asian artists used to apply ink?
  5. How does an artist control value using brush and ink?
  6. Drawing type using continuous lines to capture the changing surface and outline of an object.
  7. Giorgio Vasari credited this Flemish painter with the invention of oil paint.
  8. Technique of applying thick layers of paint on a surface.
  9. Japanese-American artist who used acrylic paint to express the relationship between American and Japanese cultures.
  10. Painting technique of prehistoric cave painters and modern graffiti artists.
  11. Images were first reproduced by printmaking in this ancient culture.
  12. How many separate relief blocks would be needed to print three colors?
  13. Sharp printmaking tool used to mark the surface of a plate.
  14. Intaglio process in which a burin is pulled across a the plate, leaving a burr.
  15. Images created to inform and embellish a written or printed text:
  16. Burke-Jones and Morris produce a handcrafted version of this writer’s works.
  17. The word “photograph” means:
  18. The mechanics of a camera are very similar to:
  19. Elements digitally manipulated in Loretta Lux’ work:
  20. Technique used to make a photograph look candid and spontaneous.
  21. What did Eadweard Muybridge’s experiments with motion reveal?
  22. The locations in The Wizard of Oz were distinguished in what way?
  23. One of the first popular films to use synchronized sound:
  24. What methods were used to create the imagery in the Star Wars films?
  25. A film genre that often used ominous music, fake blood and was shot at night.
  26. What type of film is An Inconvenient Truth? What is it about?...

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