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Sex and Tourism
For my insight paper I want to talk about the Thailand. Thailand is famous for that traveling around the world. And it’s also called the sex city. Last summer I was travel to Thailand with my friends that I noticed some interesting view.

From the Cabezas’s article I know sex tourism involved Socio-Psychological motives, prestige and cultural motives. Sex tourism is more than an illicit activity; it involves socially acceptable behaviors and values (Cabezas). This statement is also for the Thailand.

Pattaya are well-known all over the world, Thailand (micro-blog) the government's policy is "gambling can not help Huang", pornography is open, so all the women engaged in this industry are publicly Lanke, feel no occupation. In Pattaya for fun is the most Westerners, plump, collectively referred to as "the big white goose". Thailand women are generally short, dark skin, therefore is called the "black bone chicken". Many Westerners to Pattaya will three rent: rent, rent a car, rent a Thai girl, in order to reduce the cost of.10 at night, the nightlife in Pattaya start signal. To the neon lamp nude modeling in a variety of attitude constantly flashing, and both sides casino large advertising lights shine, put the visitors over the ownership of the streets in the orange red light. Street on both sides of the bar Business Flourishes, customer to Europeans, European tourists and Tai Mei self-assured or supercilious or hug or embrace, twisted together; the streets and alleys, can always see the Thai girl and European tourists in the street for a supply of sth., Tai Mei often from the roadside or coming in the opposite direction, hold the pedestrian's hand "soliciting".
The open-air bar street is another stage in Pattaya, women wearing pretty and coquettish sexy clothing, lame sitting at the bar, from time to time that old Western men holding a young woman's hand ride away, I thought back to the Vietnam War, desire smell in the air, can kill all the...

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