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Student Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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AP English
Ms. Thompson
11 February 2014
Marjane Satrapi, in the graphic novel “Persepolis”, minimizes the mother’s role in the family to create a dominance in the father figure. Satrapi’s purpose is to contrast the role of the father and mother and the effect that they had in her life. She nullifies the mother’s speech and appearance in the graphic novel, so the reader can imply how much she has affected Satrapi in the novel.
Beginning Satrapi gives reason to the reader to imply that the father is the main role model of the author in the beginning because the father is the only one that does the majority of the talking, in contrast to the mother whom is presented as a background character. When Satrapi gives this evidence was when both parents were asked to come to school concerning matters of Marjane and her desire to become a prophet. The father and mother both talk to the teacher, but in the end the father is the one who expresses the feelings of both the mother and himself about his daughter’s desire of being a prophet by stating “No! Not at all” (8.8). As it progresses Marjane is only concerned in talking to her father to the point where the mother is drawn less, which suggest a lack of interest toward the mother and more towards the father. Marjane and the father are drawn only in the one panel excluding the mother, while this panel becomes the graphic weight of the page because there is tension drawn by the position on how both the Marjane and the father are at opposite ends. The tension is emphasized more with Marjane both making eye contact with a serious face expression on the face including the mouth but with neutral eyebrows (17.2). By the context of the image, and how the father is the main one talking regarding about Marjane’s life this nullifies the mother’s part, while emphasizing the father role.
Later on the parental role shifts to where the mother plays a big role in Marjane developing an understanding what is going on around her....

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