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Strengths Quest Reflection Essay

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Strengths Quest Reflection Paper
Strengths Finder Themes
Portia Tinsley
Concordia University Chicago

This paper is a reflection of my Strengths Quest, Strengths Finder Insight Review.   The Strengths Quest is a test that helps students, staff, and faculty achieve academic, career, and personal success (Strengths Quest).   The test took about forty minutes and was about 120 questions about which way we would lean towards in a certain situation, it helps us to better understand our personality.   Each question gave us twenty seconds to answer it going either way with strongly agreed, partly agree or neutral which was in the middle.   This paper is going to be about my top five themes that I got from taking the test.   The results is received from this test will help me have a better understanding of how to become successful in a number of different ways through my personality.

Strengths Quest Reflection Paper
Strengths Finder Themes
Everyone has strengths as well weaknesses, however too often we dwell on are weaknesses rather than build on our personal strengths.   The reason for identifying my personal strengths are to make better decisions, handle stress, develop better study skills, choose a major that best fits me, and   to deal with all the issues and new things I will come across as freshmen in college. Once I recognize these strengths I can achieve success not only in college, but in my overall life. My top five themes in my Strengths Quest Insight Review came out to be Restorative, Includer, Consistency, Futuristic, and Achiever.   All of my themes were correct however some of the information that was included in the summary is not necessarily true.
Before I took the Strength Quest I was for the most part aware of my weaknesses but not so much aware of my strengths.   Now that I have taken it I have a much better understanding of what theme describes me the most. The one that describes me the most would be Futuristic.   This would be the theme...

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