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Strategy Essay

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Ans1. Good things about Indore Marathon’13
1. Good planning for morning training classes in city.
2. Good estimation of crowd gathering.
3. Well defined structure of student involvement in different teams.
4. Good utilization of enthusiastic IPM students.
5. Good coordination with Indore administration and our college authorities.
6. Good publicity in schools, colleges and in public places.
7. Dedication of Core organizing committee was appreciable.
8. As I was in direct contact with outside people so, apart from minor problems, most of them were happy with event and management team.
Things that could be managed more properly:-
1. Volunteers were not instructed properly regarding their work areas.
2. On the day of marathon, some of the organizing coordinator forgot their responsibilities and passed their part of work to volunteers.
3. Marathon day planning was not done as per the pace of the event.
4. Some of the volunteers were underutilized whereas some were over utilized.
5. At the end point (college main gate), refreshment arrangement for the runners were not adequate.
6. Only one coordinator was present on main gate to handle the tiered and violent crowd.
7. Buses were not arranged properly, drivers were fighting with crowd and coordinator.
8. At most of the places, junior team members were absent because of that runners were feeling inconvenience.
9. I felt that sponsorship amount was not reached as per the level of event.
10. Media publicity and overall awareness could have been increased.
11. Vague allegation on some of core team members could have been procured if proper auditing procedures were followed.
12. Female participations as a volunteer and organizing committee member can be increased.
13. Any celebrity can be called so that our event can be known on national scale.

My Involvement in last Indore Marathon
 I was working as a part of operations’ core team member.
 I started my work with formal introduction with IPM...

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