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Storytelling In School Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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The Case for Storytelling in the Classroom
Wayne E. Smith
Dr. Ray McCarthy
Global and Historical Perspectives on Education EDU 7201
Northeastern University CPS
February 25, 2012

    The literary archives are filled with papers that validate the reason to utilize storytelling in our educational system as an ideal tool for teaching, learning with retention and real-life applications, and also for establishing an invaluable teacher-student connection resulting from using storytelling to personalize the schooling experience.   (Simmons, 2001; Wright, 2004; Gillard, 2012). Yet, and without the publication of research materials that conclude storytelling in the classroom to be useless, it is difficult to find many in academia who will “go on record” and take an active role in support of its value or to recommend it as a course of study to be taught.   Also, there are not many who pay attention to its practical application as a teaching tool in the classroom.   While using and teaching storytelling in the classroom is purported   (Simmons, 2001; Gillard, 2012) to be effective at all levels of education, its application in high school is of particular value because it is during this time that many young students are struggling with identity issues, self-worth and concern for their success as adults. (Gillard, 2012;   Bones, 2011).   According to Gillard (2012) storytelling can provide some very critical answers to these all-important concerns.   There is a need to closely examine different aspects of storytelling as it relates to education, to underscore its value, and to attempt to instill a greater interest in exploring its value by more educational professionals

Storytelling in the Classroom
    All people have a need to communicate and share stories.   Storytelling is a feature of every country’s culture.   It inspires imagination and is a natural part of learning.   Storytelling utilizes a combination of the left and right brain functions (left brain –...

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