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Story Essay

  • Submitted by: milley098
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Two Sisters
There was a family living in a house with a mother and twin sisters. The father had left them for 3weeks because of his work, so the family was alone. The first born sister’s name was Rose and the second born sister’s name was Cathy. Rose and Cathy were great together until one day a surprise came up to their mail box. It was from the college that Rose and Cathy had signed up for a month ago. When they opened it there were only Roses letter from the college and none for Cathy. When their mother found out the joyful news about Rose she couldn’t think about Cathy anymore. The jealousy began when Cathy realized that she didn’t get into the same college but her twin sister did, and when her mother reacted only to Rose’s and not hers. When their dad came back from the work, the dad hugged Rose tightly and gave her a graduation present but for Cathy it was just a huge. The jealousy began to get Cathy the wrong ideas to be mean to her sister.
One night when the family was asleep, Cathy sneaked into her sister’s room. She opened up all her closet and started cutting them up with the scissor. She also stole all her money that she saved up for college and hided it in her shoes. The next morning when Rose woke up, she screamed loudly as she could to call her parents to see what happened. The parents and Cathy ran to her room and was surprised. The parents went into Cathy’s room to check if she had anything stolen. But there wasn’t anything stolen so the parents got a suspicion of Cathy. When the parents tried to call the police Cathy was worried that the parents might find out that there was no rubbery. She faked her faint to get their attention, after few minutes she was in her bed. Her parents and her sister was downstairs talking to the police what happened. She got the idea to sneak back in and put all the money back and got some dirt so that it looked like a raccoon has been there for food. When the police came upstairs to check if anything else was...

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