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Story Essay

  • Submitted by: briarrosette
  • on August 29, 2013
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A Witch’s Happy Ending

      There was a woman, a very beautiful woman named Alicia that lived with her father, Alfonso, on a remote island. That woman of 21 always wanted to see what the world is. She wanted freedom from her monotonous and rather boring life. She was not a prisoner in their island, but her father doesn’t permit her going out and wandering around.
      There were many times she begged her father to let her go out and see the world, but as always he said no. She knew the reason. Her father was frightened of what other people do when they find out what they were. Well, being a wizard and a witch was a huge crime back then and punishable by death even if they do no harm to others-even if they are good.
One day her father prepared for a trip to the town on the other island to buy food. The town was called Lupit.
“Alicia, I will go to Lupit to buy some food and other things for the house. I want you to stay here and do not go wandering around, okay?” he said.
“Yes, Father. Oh, please do buy me some silk and an eye of a newt. I’ll be using it for my scent potion,” she replied.
“Very well. I’ll be going now. You take care, okay? I’ll be back tomorrow,” he bid her goodbye. Alicia’s gaze was on her father. She watched him snap his fingers then a motorized boat appeared. He can fly up to the other island, but Alicia sure knows he won’t.
Few hours later, Alicia decided to walk on the beach. She collected shells and other cute and beautiful little things on the shore. She already got a handful of them and was about to put it to her pail when she found out she had left it. She had already walked far from their house. She was tired already and didn’t want to go back. So, she looked around, see if someone was there to see her, there was no one. She then moved her fingers. Half of a second later, her pail appeared in her hand.
One hour came by so fast and her pail was almost full. Alicia bent down and picked up a tiny purple shell. When she stood...

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