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Story Essay

  • Submitted by: lissanguyen
  • on March 19, 2012
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53 days;
“Are you alright, what’s happening? Do you need to go doctors?” asked Jennifer. Lela replied “ I’m okay, it’s fine”. Lena was extremely sick one day right after school and was vomiting, had a headache and felt very tired.   Jennifer was worried about Lena because she didn’t look to well. Jason, the most popular guy in the school came up to her and asked if she wanted a ride home. Jennifer had to go somewhere, so couldn’t take Lela home. So therefore Lela agreed for Jason to take her home. Lela had always had a bit of feelings towards Jason, but he was known as the player so there wasn’t a chance. So Jason took her home, and on the way Jason started gradually touching Lela’s hand and holding onto it. Then, it was a start of a relationship. Once they arrived at Lela’s house, Jason hugged her and then left. Although Lela was feeling sick, she was like the happiest girl alive for that very moment. That same night, she was experiencing a lot of pain, like a stomach ache, constantly throwing up and also a massive headache. She did not know what was wrong with her, and got a bit worried. So she got taken to the hospital, and there they gave her some medicine that made her feel better again.
The next night, the exact same thing happened to her. She was feeling so sick, but this time it wasn’t the same. She was changing into a devil, she looked at herself in the mirror and she had fangs sticking out of her mouth, blood dripping from her mouth, a scar on her face and she had blood stains on her clothes. Lela has transformed into another human being, or shall it be called devil. Lela was very worried and was frightened of how she looked in the mirror. Lela just sat at her table and wandered what has happened to her. A few minutes later, a woman appears that looks just like the devil and tells Lela that another soul will go into her at night and that she has been given 53 days to find true love or she will die in an accident. Lela was shocked, but before she could...

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