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Story Essay

  • Submitted by: kami81
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: English
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He   hoped   he   would   have   the   strength   to   do   what   was   right   to   protect   his   children   and   suddenly   this   terrible   car   accident   happened   in   which   the   Priest   Maccormack   lost   his   son.   That   day   has   changed   him   forever.   He   felt   like   the   world   is   coming   to   its   end.   There   is   no   greater   loss   or   pain   for   a   parent.   It’s   something   in   our   lives   we   could   never   imagine   that   could   happens   to   ours   children,   but   sadly,   it   does.

Sometimes   there   are   no   answers   that   we   can   comprehend   to   such   tragedies   and   sometimes   we   begin   to   point   the   finger   at   ourselves.   We   get   up   in   the   morning   and   playing   the   same   record   over   and   over   in   our   minds,   if   only…   It’s   all   we’re   doing.   What   if   he   kept   his   son   home   that   day?   What   if   they   were   decided   to   go   out   with   his   son   to   play   road   hockey   or   fixing   that   old bike   together?   If   only   he   could   turn   back   time   but   he   couldn’t.   The   time   continues   to   move   on   like   we   do.   The   life   we   have   on   earth   is   just   temporary   and   when   it   is   time   to   go,   then   it’s   time   to   let   go.

The   Priest   of   Belmont   town   was   due   to   say   his   Sunday   speech   as   usual   even   he   was   deeply   grieved.

‘He   is   testing   us.   Our   Lord   is   testing   us.   Especially   now,   when   we   are   consumed   with   so   much   pain   and   when   we’re   asking   our   God   why   this   had   to   happened?   No   parent   should   ever   have   to   know   the   horror   of   burring   their   own   child.   Before   three   days   five   of   ours   children   lost   their   lives.   Among   them,   my   only   son,   my   boy   Bobbi.   We   have   other   children   to raise   here   in   Belmont.   One   day   they   will   no   longer   being   in   our   embrace   and   in   our   care.   They   will   belong   to   the   world.   A   world   filled   with   evil   and   temptation   and   danger.   Until   that   day   they   are   ours   to   protect.   That   is   the   lesson   to   be...

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